Why you should subtitle your online videos

Take a look at this presentation. Will give you an insight to why you should subtitle videos you put up on the internet.

Here’s why you should subtitle your online videos from Fresh Subtitling

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  • 1. Got online Video? Subtitle it. Here’s why.
  • 2. The World is Flat
  • 3. Subtitles allow Hollywood, British, French, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Iranian and other films to entertain the world.
  • 4. People around the world can access video content in 51 languages.
  • 5. Subtitles help people trying to learn a language, increasing their comfort and familiarity with the language.
  • 6. Hearing language words often, they can pronounce the words right and will have almost no prominent accent.
  • 7. People are able to learn new slangs, listen to unfamiliar words and gain significant insight into the culture of another country.
  • 8. Creative and True
  • 9. Subtitles help you remain true to the original language of the content, conveying exactly what the content creator intended.
  • 10. Subtitles enable creative consistency. It allows producers to maintain the same soundtrack and original background noise, maintaining the quality of the total production.
  • 11. I Can Hear You
  • 12. As per a WHO study, in 2004, there were over 275 million people around the world who had moderate to profound hearing impairment.
  • 13. Subtitles assist people with hearing difficulties.They are able to enjoy the experience of watching a movie or video just as everyone else.
  • 14. Read that Video!
  • 15. People are able to enjoy watching videos even if the room is noisy or crowded.
  • 16. They can also quickly turn to the subtitles if they miss a sentence or fail to hear a phrase that was too low.
  • 17. Subtitles also have a significant impact on video viewership when videos are viewed on mute.
  • 18. Subtitles are effective for an office going audience since they aren’t always allowed to use audio at the workplace.
  • 19. Read. Learn. Grow.
  • 20. Some statistics show that children who watch subtitled programs tend to have better reading abilities.
  • 21. Subtitles break up your text to create manageable, readable pieces of content – a considerable benefit to readers.
  • 22. It encourages speed reading.
  • 23. You Want This
  • 24. Subtitling is a cheaper localization option than dubbing, making it commercially viable to reach out to a wider audience.
  • 25. Studies reveal that subtitles increase the amount of time users spending watching a video up to 40%.
  • 26. Some studies have shown that 80% more people watch a video in entirety when subtitles areincluded.
  • 27. Search. Video Search?
  • 28. You’re not limited to titles, tags and descriptions to help search engines find your video content.
  • 29. YouTube’s closed captioning feature allows viewers to toggle captions on or off, while the info remains visible to search engines.
  • 30. Search engines can find and read your video content through subtitles, and link to your YouTube video, boosting your video’s visibility.
  • 31. Subtitles can even help viewers go to the exact part of your video for content they are looking for.
  • 32. The Power of Focus
  • 33. Prevents viewers from letting their attention wander.
  • 34. Ability to watch videos on mute if there are subtitles, to avoid disturbing someone else.
  • 35. Captions and subtitles help viewers concentrate better while watching films longer.
  • 36. Subtitles makes difficult or wordy films and documentaries more comprehensible.
  • 37. Captions capture attention.
  • 38. Subtitles makes way for a more enhanced andsatisfying viewing experience.
  • 39. Subtitle that Video!Log on to www.FreshSubtitling.com to submit your video online. Like our facebook page to keep updated on offers http://www.facebook.com/FreshSubtitling
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